Admission to Statistics Programs

Admission  Requirements for the STAT Major or Honours Program

To transfer from another academic program at SFU to the STAT major or honours program, students must normally achieve a B- average in their first two non-repeated STAT courses taken at SFU.


  1. Criterion is at least a B- average in all SFU STAT courses taken so far (if at least two already taken) from the following list: STAT 270 285 330 350 380 410 430 440 445 450 452 460 475 485 490 and 495.
  2. The courses STAT 100, 101, 201, 203, 302, 305, 403 are not used in the STAT major admission GPA calculation.
  3. Students with advanced admission to SFU should consult the statistics advisor for guidance about courses and program requirements.
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Admission Requirements for the STAT Minor Program

Criterion is at least a C+ in any introductory STAT course taken at SFU except STAT 100.

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Continuation Requirements

To remain in Statistics programs, students need to maintain a GPA of at least 2.25 in STAT, ACMA, MATH, and MACM courses.