Admission to Statistics Programs

Admission Requirements for the STAT Major or Honours Program

Students who wish to transfer from another academic program at SFU to the STAT major or honours program will be considered on a case by case basis. Such students must normally satisfy the following two criteria:

  1. At least a B- average in the first two of the following courses taken at SFU (excluding repeated courses): STAT 270 285 330 350 380 410 430 440 445 450 452 460 475 485 490 and 495.
  2. At least a 2.25 GPA in all STAT, ACMA (excluding ACMA 210 if doing so results in a higher GPA), MACM, and MATH courses taken at SFU.

Students should consult the Statistics advisors for guidance about courses and program requirements. For program admission procedure see

Students who, in addition to enrolling in the STAT major, wish to transfer to the Faculty of Science should contact the General Science Advisor at 


Admission Requirements for the STAT Minor Program

To be considered for admission to the STAT minor program, students must have

  1. Completed the lower division requirements of the program, and
  2. Obtained a grade of at least C+ in any STAT course taken at SFU except STAT 100.

For program admission procedure see