Statistics Workshop

What is the Statistics Workshop for?

It is a drop-in facility for students who take one of the following courses: Stat 100, Stat 201, Stat 203, Stat 205, Stat 270, Stat 302 and Stat 305. One-on-one help is available during its operation hours.

Where is it?

The Statistics Workshop is located in SC-K9510

How does the Statistics Workshop Work?

Please read Statistics Workshop Procedures and Information

Statistics Workshop Schedule

The Statistics Workshop opens for regular use from the second week of classes. The hours will depend on the amount of T.A. time available and will be posted at the end of the first week of classes. The Workshop will be open only when there is a T.A. on duty.

Statistics Workshop Schedule Burnaby:

Tuesday 11:00-16:00
Wednesday        11:00-16:00
Thursday 11:00-16:00
Friday 11:00-13:00

Statistical software?

Software Guides

  1. JMP-IN
    • SFU students may download a copy free.
  2. SPSS
  3. R
  4. Minitab


Contact Lab Instructor: Marie Loughin mloughin at