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Archived Course Outlines for Fall 2014 (1147) and later can also be found through the Course Outline Repository.

Undergraduate Courses

Course (click for outline) Course name
ACMA-101 Introduction to Insurance
ACMA-210 (Formerly ACMA-310)   Mathematics of Compound Interest
ACMA-310 (Re-Named ACMA-210) Mathematics of Compound Interest
ACMA-315 Credibility Theory
ACMA-320 Actuarial Mathematics I
ACMA-335 Risk Theory
ACMA-340 Financial Economics for Actuaries
ACMA-355 Loss Models I
ACMA-360W Actuarial Communication
ACMA-395 Special Topics in Actuarial Science
ACMA-425 Actuarial Mathematics II
ACMA-440 Models for Financial Economics
ACMA-445 Loss Models: Estimation & Selection
ACMA-455 Loss Models II
ACMA-465 Demography and Mortality Models
ACMA-470 Property and Casualty Insurance
ACMA-475 Theory of Pension
ACMA-490 Selected Topics in Actuarial Science
MSSC-180/481 Undergraduate Seminar in Management and System Science
STAT-100 Chance and Data Analysis
STAT-101 (Re-named STAT-205) Introduction to Statistics
STAT-180 Career Development Seminar for Statistics & Actuarial Science
STAT-201 Statistics for the Life Sciences
STAT-203 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
STAT-205 (Formerly STAT-101) Introduction to Statistics
STAT-240 Introduction to Data Science
STAT-270 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
STAT-285 Intermediate Probability and Statistics
STAT-300W Statistics Communication
STAT-302 Analysis of Experimental and Observational Data
STAT-305 Introduction to Biostatistical Methods for Health Sciences
STAT-330 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
STAT-340 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis
STAT-341 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis-R
STAT-342 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis-SAS
STAT-350 Linear Models in Applied Statistics
STAT-380 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
STAT-400 (No Longer Offered) Data Analysis
STAT-402 (Replaced with STAT 475)
Generalized Linear and Nonlinear Modelling
STAT-403 Intermediate Sampling and Experimental Design
STAT-410 Statistical Analysis of Sample Surveys
STAT-430 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT-440 Learning from Big Data
STAT-445 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT-450 Statistical Theory
STAT-452 Statistical Learning and Prediction
STAT-460 Bayesian Statistics
STAT-475 Applied Discrete Data Analysis
STAT-485 Applied Time Series Analysis
STAT-490 Selected Topics in Probability and Statistics

Graduate Courses

ACMA-815 Rate of Return Models
ACMA-816 Stochastic Claims Processes
ACMA-820 Stochastic Analysis of Insurance Portfolios
ACMA-821 Advanced Actuarial Models
ACMA-822 Risk Measures and Ordering
ACMA-850 Actuarial Science: Selected Topics
STAT-602 (Replaced with STAT 675)
Generalized Linear and Nonlinear Modelling
STAT-604 Analysis of Experimental and Observational Data
STAT-605 Biostatistical Methods
STAT-641 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis-R
STAT-642 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis-SAS
STAT-645 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT-650 Quantitative Analysis in Resource Management and Field Biology
STAT-652 Statistical Learning and Prediction
STAT-675 Applied Discrete Data Analysis
STAT-685 Applied Time Series Analysis
Multivariate Analysis
Time Series Analysis
Non-Parametric Statistics and Discrete Data Analysis
STAT-806 (Renumbered) Lifetime Data Analysis
STAT-811 Statistical Consulting I
STAT-812 Statistical Consulting II
STAT-830-Effective Fall 2013
Statistical Theory I
STAT-831-Effective Fall 2013
Statistical Theory II
STAT-832-Effective Fall 2013
Applied Probability Models
STAT-840-Effective Fall 2013
Statistical Genetics
STAT-841-Effective Fall 2013
Advanced Design of Experiments
STAT-842-Effective Fall 2013
STAT-843-Effective Fall 2013
Functional Data Analysis
STAT-850-Effective Fall 2013
Linear Models and Applications
STAT-851-Effective Fall 2013
Generalized Linear Models and Discrete Data Analysis
STAT-852-Effective Fall 2013
Modern Methods in Applied Statistics
STAT-853-Effective Fall 2013
Applications of Statistical Computing
STAT-854-Effective Fall 2013
Biometrics: Methods in Biomedical Studies
STAT-855-Effective Fall 2013
Lifetime Data Analysis
STAT-856-Effective Fall 2013
Longitudinal Data Analysis
STAT-857-Effective Fall 2013
Space-Time Models
STAT-870 (Renumbered)
Applied Probability Models
STAT-890 Statistics: Selected Topics
STAT-891 Seminar