The 2018 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), will be July 29-Aug 2, in Vancouver!  The JSM is the largest Statistics conference in North America and possibly the world.  There will be over 6000 statisticians there, and we want you to be there, too, if you want to be.  Therefore, the department will pay the student registration fee for every grad and undergrad student major who wants to go to the conference.

Please note that this is offer is only for students who will still be registered in the department through the Summer term; students who graduate in Spring or sooner are not eligible, because registration requires confirmation of student status.  Also, you must purchase your registration in advance and get reimbursement after the conference. 


In order to get reimbursed by the department, you need proof that you actually attended the conference.  To make this process fun, the proof is that you will need to provide a picture of you doing something at the JSM: for example, a selfie with a famous statistician or any SFU faculty member, or at a technical session, or something else uniquely identifiable as JSM.  (We will use these photos on our social media for promotion and for recruiting.  If you do not want your picture used for these purposes, you may opt out by indicating this when you submit it.)  If you forget or are unable to get a picture, you can instead submit a 1-page report of what you did at JSM, but this isn't nearly as much fun as a picture...   Details on the reimbursement process will be sent around the JSM time.  

Registration for JSM is done: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/jsm/2018/registration.cfm .  General registration takes place starting May 1.  Mark your calendars now! 

Please be aware that the student registration fee is available only to students who are members of one of the sponsoring societies.  The good news is that the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) is one of the sponsoring societies, and student membership in SSC is cheap.  See here Joining SSC for details!

Reimbursement Procedure:

To be reimbursed for the JSM registration fee you should attach a proof of payment (a receipt/credit or debit card statement showing that expense charged to your account) to a non-employee travel claim, which you find here (the second to last link on the right side of the page).  Submit the completed and signed expense claim to Charlene Bradbury in our General Office (K-10545)