The Duckworth-Lewis Method and Twenty20 Cricket

Rianka Bhattacharya successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis entitled "The Duckworth-Lewis Method and Twenty20 Cricket" on 12 April 2010.

Cricket has been a very popular sport around the world for a long time. But since most versions of cricket take longer to play than other popular sports, cricket is likely to be affected by unfavourable weather conditions. In 1998, Duckworth and Lewis developed a method for resetting the target scores for the team batting second in interrupted one-day cricket.

Twenty20 is the latest form of limited overs cricket. Currently, the Duckworth-Lewis method for one-day cricket is used for resetting targets in interrupted Twenty20 matches. However, this may be less than ideal since the scoring pattern in Twenty20 is much more aggressive than that in one-day cricket.

In this project, we consider the use of the Duckworth-Lewis method as an approach to resetting target scores in interrupted Twenty20 matches. The construction of the Duckworth-Lewis table is reviewed and alternate resource tables are presented for Twenty20. The alternative resource tables are constructed in a non-parametric fashion using two different approaches. We have used data from International Twenty20 matches to construct these tables.

This type of interdisciplinary work is a hallmark of our program in Applied Statistics at Simon Fraser University. For more information, please contact Rianka Bhattacharya( or her supervisor Tim Swartz (, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science,