Graduate Theses

Below is a listing of the theses produced by grad students in the Statistics and Actuarial Science department.

A list of abstracts is available here.

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Semester Student Degree 
Thesis Abstract Supervisor
2017 Zetong Li (Cecilia) MSc Stochastic Modeling and Comparison of Two Pension Plans Abstract B.Sanders/G.Parker
2017-1 Tian Li MSc Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis for Non-ignorable Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies Abstract L.McCandless
2017-1 Terry Tang MSc Predictive Estimation in Canadian Federal Elections Abstract J.Hu
2017-1 Dejie Kong (Katerine) MSc Delta Hedging for Single Premium Segregated Fund Abstract G.Parker/B.Sanders
2017-1 Biljana Jonoska Stojkova PhD Bayesian methods for multi-modal posterior topologies  Abstract D,Campbell
2017-1 Michael Johnson MSc Analysis of the Bitcoin Exchange Using ParticleMCMC Methods Abstract L.Wang
2017-1 Botao Han (Bobby) MSc Analysis of Target Benefit Plan with Aggregate Cost Method Abstract G.Parker/B.Sanders
2016-3 Gerald Smith MSc A Shot Quality Adjusted Plus-Minus for the NHL Abstract T.Swartz
2016-3 Jiying Wen MSc Penalized Logistic Regression in Case-Control Studies Abstract J.Graham
2016-3 Yen-Chen Chen (Jenny) MSc Pricing Defaultable Catastrophe Bondswith Compound Doubly StochasticPoisson Losses and Liquidity Risk Abstract C.Tsai
2016-3 Yang Bai (Maple) MSc IBNR claims reserving using INAR processes Abstract Y.Lu
2016-3 Khalif Halani MSc Sparse Multivariate Reduced-Rank Regression with Covariance Estimation Abstract J.Graham
2016-3 Thilini Surendra MSc Marginal Loglinear Models for Three Multiple-Response Categorical Variables. Abstract T.Loughin
2016-3 Lidan Zhang (Lucy)   A multi-state model for a life insurance product with integrated health rewards program Abstract Y.Lu
2016-3 Rajitha Silva PhD Sports Analytics Abstract T.Swartz
2016-2 Andrew Henrey PhD Statistical Learning Tools for Heteroskedastic Data Abstract T.Loughin
2016-2 Sonja Surjanovic MSc Using Computer Model Uncertainty to Inform the Design of Physical Experiments: An Application in Glaciology Abstract D.Bingham
2016-2 Will Ruth MSc On Supervised and Unsupervised Discrimination Abstract T.Loughin
2016-2 Moyan Mei MSc A Goodness-of-fit Test for Semi-parametric Copula Models of Right-Censored Bivariate Survival Times  Abstract M.Zhou
2016-2 Jack Davis PhD Analysis of Data in Network and NaturalLanguage Formats Abstract S.Thompson
2016-2 Megyun Li MSc Analysis of Universal Life Insurance CashFlows with Stochastic Asset Models Abstract Y.Lu
2016-1 Dongmeng Liu MSc Bayesian Profile Regression with Evaluation on Simulated Data   Abstract J.Graham
2015-3 Audrey Béliveau PhD Data integration methods for studying animal population dynamics Abstract R.Lockhart/C.Schwarz
2015-3 Harsha Perera PhD Cricket Analytics Abstract T.Swartz
2015-3 Huijing Wang PhD Statistical inference under latent class models, with application to risk assessment in cancer survivorship studies Abstract J.Hu
2015-2 Sharla Gelfand MSc Understanding the Impact of Heteroscedasticity on the Predictive Ability of Modern Regression Methods Abstract T.Loughin
2015-2 Bin Zhao MSc How Does Climate Change Affect ForestFire Rate in British Columbia? Abstract J.Cao
2015-2 Bingying Li MSc Threshold-free Measure for Assessing thePerformance of Risk Prediction withCensored Data Abstract Q.Zhou
2015-2 Xiang (Ivy) Luan MSc A Pseudo Non-Parametric BühlmannCredibility Approach to Modeling MortalityRates Abstract C.Tsai
2015-2 Xinying(Serene)Liang MSc Application of linear relation model on mortality immunization Abstract C.Tsai
2015-2 Chenlu Shi MSc An approach to constructing good two-level orthogonal factorial designs with large run sizes Abstract B.Tang
2015-1 Annie Yu  MSc
Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling of Health Insurance Claims Absract Y.Lu
2015-1 Xiaoli Zhang MSc The Optimal Payment Reduction Ratios for a Catastrophe Bond Abstrat C.Tsai
2015-1 Yi Xiong MSc Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data for Forest Fire Control Abstract J. Hu
2014-3 Sherry Chen MSc Natural Hedging Using Multi-population Mortality Models Abstract C.Tsai
2014-3 Elena Szefer MSc Joint analysis of imaging and genomic data to identify associations related to cognitive impairment Abstact
2014-2 Nathaniel Payne MSc Evaluating the Impact of Heteroscedasticity on The Predictive Ability Of Modern Regression Techniques Abstract T.Loughin
2014-2 Fei Wang MSc Exploring Mental Health Related ED Visits Project: Frequency of Recurrence and Risk Factors Abstract J.Hu
2014-2 Joslin Goh PhD Prediction and Calibration Using Outputs from Multiple Computer Simulators
Abstract D.Bingham
2014-2 Kunasekaran Nirmalkanna MSc Optimal Designs of Two-Level Factorials when N ≡ 1 and 2 (mod 4) under a Baseline Parameterization Abstract B.Tang
2014-2 Jiaying (Vicky) Weng MSc Maximin Strong Orthogonal Arrays
Abstract B.Tang
2014-2 Tianyu Guan MSc Multiple-Decrement Compositional Forecasting with the Lee-Carter Model
Abstract G.Parker
2014-2 Pulindu Ratnasekera MSc Irregularly Spaced Time Series Data with Time Scale Measurement Error Abstract D.Campbell
2014-1 Shirin Golchi PhD Bayesian Computational Methods and Applications Abstract                Lockhart,Bingham,Campbell,Chipman
2014-1 Tingting Wen MSc Understanding risks in a hybrid pension plan with stochastic rates of return Abstract Y.Lu
2014-1 Zheng Sun PhD Model assessment: Bayes assisted tests and tests for discrete data  Abstract R.Lockhart,M.Stephens
2014-1 Qian Wang MSc Variations of the linear logarithm hazard transform for modeling cohort mortality rates Abstract C.Tsai
2014-1 Rachel Lipson MSc Predicting Ovarian Cancer Survival Times: Performance of Parametric Methods and Random Survival Forests Abstract R.Altman
2013-3 Oksana Chkrebtii PhD Probabilistic solution of differential equations for Bayesian uncertainty quantification and inference Abstract D.Campbell
2013-2 Ruth Joy PhD Methodology for analyzing at-sea dive behaviour of a marine mammal Abstract R. Routledge
2013-2 Lu Wang MSc Analysis of Clustered Event Times With Right-Censoring Abstract J. Hu
2013-2 Yuanyu Yang MSc Classification based on supervised clustering with application to Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Abstract T. Loughin
2013-2 Maria Santiago MSc Gene-environment interactions in non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a statistical analysis Abstract J.Graham, J.Spinelli
2013-2 Dilinuer Kuerban MSc A Tutorial on the Inheritance Procedure for Multiple Testing of Tree-structured Hypothese Abstract B.McNeney, J.Graham
2013-2 Zhenua Lin MSc Some Perspectives of Smooth and Locally Sparse Estimators Abstract J. Cao
2013-2 Meng(Rose) Yu MSc
Modeling mortality rates with approaches of the linear logarithm hazard transform
Abstract C. Tsai
Jimmy Poon
Spatial Cross-Sectional Credibility Models With General Dependence Structure Among Risks Abstract Y. Lu
Rodriguez, Jorge
T. Swartz
Zhang, Madeliene
G.Parker, D.Campbell
Yousefi, Kasra
T. Swartz
2012-2 Lim, Jinhee
MSc Forecasting Movie Attendance of Individual Movie Showings: A Hierarchical Bayes Approach Abstract
D. Campbell
2012-2 Zheng, Hua
MSc Statistical Modelling of Temporary Stream Flow in Canadian Prairie Provinces Abstract
C. Dean
2012-2 Valero, Juan
MSc The Importance of Partnerships in Cricket Abstract
T. Swartz
2012-2 Moya, Fabian
MSc Statistical Methodology for Profitable Sports Gambling Abstract
T. Swartz
2012-2 Wang, Huijing
J. Hu
2012-2 Henrey, Andrew
MSc Adjustment Uncertainty and Variable Selection in a Bayesian Context Abstract
L. McCandless
2012-2 Liu, Junjie
Modeling dependence induced by a common random effect and risk measures with insurance applications Abstract
Yi lu
2012-2 Liu, Jie
MSc A global test of association between non-Hodgkin lymphoma and SNPs in histone-pathway genes Abstract J.Graham, J.Spinelli
2012-1 Vincent, Kyle   Strategies for Estimating the Size and Distribution of Hard-to-Reach Populations with Adaptive Sampling Abstract S.Thompson
2012-1 Shin, Ji-Hyung (Jean) PhD Inferring gene-environment interaction from case-parent trio data: Evaluation of and adjustment for spurious GxE and development of a data-smoothing method to uncover true GxE

Abstract J.Graham/B.McNeney
2012-1 Antonitsin,Alexey MSc Statistical Methods in Reliability Testing Abstract S.Thompson
Xia, Yu (Lillian)
Analysis of Long-term Disability Insurance Portfolios with Stochastic Interest Rates and Multi-state Transition Models Abstract
Y. Lu
2011-3 Strizhkova, Olga MSc Impact of Abolishment of Mandatory Retirement on BC Employment Income Absract G.Parker
Abstract S.Thompson
2011-3 Campbell, Harlan MSc Comparing Treatments when Survival Curves Cross Unexpectedly Abstract C. Dean
2011-2 Perera, Harsha M.Sc. A Second Look at Duckworth-Lewis in Twenty20 Cricket Abstract T. Swartz
2011-2 Tennakoon, Aruni M.Sc. Desperation in Sport Abstract T. Swartz
2011-2 Thompson, Darby Ph.D. Survival Models for Data Arising from Multiphase Hazards, Latent Subgroups, or Subject to Time-Dependent Treatment Effects Abstract C. Dean
2011-2 Lee, Myoung Ho M.Sc. Statistical Methods for Reducing Bias in Web Surveys Abstract T. Loughlin
2011-2 Lekivetz, Ryan Ph.D. Optimal Factorial Designs with Robust Properties Abstract B. Tang
2011-2 Cai, Jing M.Sc. Nonparametric Method and Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for Parameter Estimation and Prediction Abstract J. Cao
2011-2 Juarez, Elizabeth Ph.D. Recurrent Event Studies: Efficient Panel Designs and Join Modeling of Events and Severities Abstract C. Dean
2011-2 Feng, Cindy Ph.D. Models and Methods for Spatial Data: Applications in Epidemiological, Environmental, and Ecological Studies Abstract C. Dean
2011-2 Alber-Green, Alisha M.Sc. A Non-Parametric Framework for Quantifying Temporal Trends in the Seasonality of Forest Fire Risk Abstract C. Dean
2011-2 Li, Pei (Crystal) M.Sc. Algorithmic Search of Baseline Minimum Aberration Designs Abstract B. Tang
2010-3 Qian, Xiofeng M.Sc. Analyzing Investment Return of Asset Portfolios with Multivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes Abstract G. Parker
2010-3 Chen, Li M.Sc. Analysis of Joint Life Insurance with Stochastic Interest Rates    Abstract Y. Lu
2010-3 Co, Caroll M.Sc. Investigating the Use of the Accelerated Hazards Model for Survival Analysis    Abstract C. Dean
2010-3 Zhang, Yan M.Sc. A Comparison of Location Effect Identification Methods for Unreplicated Fractional Factorials in the Presence of Dispersion Effects    Abstract T. Loughin
2010-3 He, Qipin M.Sc. Pricing and Dynamic Hedging of Segregated Fund Guarantees    Abstract C. Tsai
2010-3 Ang, Jervyn M.Sc. A Bayesian Approach to Spatial Correlations in the Multivariate Probit Model    Abstract D. Bingham
2010-3 Challenger, Wendell Ph.D. Modeling Uncertainty and Heterogeneity in Mark-Recapture and Occupancy Experiments    Abstract C. Schwarz
2010-2 Xu, Jia M.Sc. Robust Estimation for Differential Equation Models    Abstract J. Cao
2010-2 Pratola, Matthew Ph.D. Development in Computer Model Calibration    Abstract D. Bingham
2010-2 Sanders, Barbara M. Sc. Analysis of Variable Benefit Plans    Abstract G. Parker
2010-2 Muthukumarana, Saman Ph. D. Bayesian Methods and Applications using WinBUGS    Abstract T. Swartz
2010-1 Bhattacharya, Rianka M.Sc. The Duckworth-Lewis Method and Twenty20 Cricket    Abstract T. Swartz
2010-1 Jiang, Lingzhi (Chris) M.Sc. Actuarial Applications of the Linear Hazard Transform    Abstract C. Tsai
2010-1 Wan, Zhong (Joan) M.Sc. Modeling investment returns with a multivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process    Abstract G. Parker
2009-3 Zhang, Ting (Iris) M.Sc. Integer-Valued Autoregressive Processes with Dynamic Heterogeneity and their Applications in Automobile Insurance    Abstract Y. Lu
2009-3 Falkenberg, Jillian M.Sc. Assessing Longevity Risk with Generalized Linear Array Models    Abstract;   G. Parker
2009-3 Min, Jeong Eu M.Sc. A statistical method for high-throughput screening of predicted orthologs   Abstract J. Graham
2009-3 Goh, Joslin M.Sc. Optimal Fractional Factorial Split-plot Designs for Model Selection    Abstract D. BIngham
2009-3 Qu, Conghui (Flora) M.Sc. Multiple Hypothesis Testing Procedures with Applications to Epidemiologic Studies    Abstract J. Graham
J. Spinelli
2009-3 Zhao, Lihui Ph.D. Multi-state Processes with Duration-dependent Transition Intensities: Statistical Methods and Applications    Abstract J. Hu
2009-2 Wu, Donghong M.Sc. Searching for Optimal Orthogonal Arrays for Estimating Main Effects and Some Specified Two-factor Interactions    Abstract B. Tang
2009-2 Chen, Jingyu (Jayla) M.Sc. The Discounted Penalty Function and the Distribution of The Total Dividend Payments in a Multi-threshold Markovian Risk Model    Abstract Y. Lu
2009-2 Ma, Suli M.Sc. Analyses of Physician Visits From Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors    Abstract J. Hu
2009-2 Sayre, Eric Ph.D. Variable-Weighted Ultrametric Optimization for Mixed-Type Data: Continuous, Ordinal, Nominal, Binary Symmetric and Binary Asymmetric    Abstract L. Weldon
R. Lockhart
2009-2 Wong, Vivien M.Sc. Bayesian Clustering for Synchronized Diving    Abstract T. Swartz
2009-2 Jiang, Qifeng M.Sc. On Fitting A Mixture of Two von Mises Distributions, with Applications    Abstract M. Stephens
R. Lockhart
2009-1 Kim, Soyean M.Sc. Imputation based on local likelihood density estimation for interval censored survival data with application to tree mortality in British Columbia    Abstract C. Dean
L. Zeng
2008-3 Bonner, Simon Ph.D. Heterogeneity in Capture-Recapture: Bayesian Methods to Balance Realism and Model Complexity    Abstract C. Schwarz
2008-3 Lin, Lyuao M.Sc. Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of a Combination Hybrid Pension Plan    Abstract G. Parker
2008-2 Dai, Yunfeng (Eric) M.Sc. Prediction of graft-versus-host disease based on analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cell data    Abstract J. Hu
2008-2 Qian, Wei M.Sc. Goodness-of-fit: a comparison of parametric bootstrap and exact conditional tests.    Abstract R. Lockhart
2008-2 Vincent, Kyle M.Sc. Design variations in adaptive web sampling     Abstract S. Thompson
2008-1 Lin, Chunfang (Devon) Ph.D. New Developments In Designs For Computer Experiments And Physical Experiments    Abstract B. Tang
2008-1 Wu, Huanhuan M.Sc. Statistical Inference For Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Data  Software from the thesis Abstract C. Schwarz
2008-1 Li, Feng M.Sc. Ruin Problem In Retirement Under Stochastic Return Rate And Mortality Rate And Its Applications    Abstract G. Parker
2007-2 Zhou, Rouwei M.Sc. Actuarial and financial valuations of guaranteed annuity options    Abstract G. Parker
2007-2 Lei, Na (Linda) M.Sc. A Comparison of Algorithms for Sampling from a Distribution    Abstract R. Sitter
2007-2 Vrecko,  Dean M.Sc. Efficient Designs of Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials    Abstract R. Altman
2007-2 Ranjan, Pritam Ph.D. Factorial and Fractional Factorial Designs with Randomization Restrictions - A Projective Geometric Approach    Abstract D. Bingham
2007-2 Linkletter, Crystal Ph.D. Spatial Process Models for Social Network Analysis    Abstract R. Sitter
2007-2 Ainsworth, Laurie Ph.D. Models and Methods for Spatial Data: Detecting Outliers and Handling Zero-inflated counts    Abstract C. Dean
2007-2 Nielsen, Janson D. Ph.D. Spline Models for the Analysis of Recurrent Event Panel Data    Abstract C. Dean
2007-1 Xing, Li M.Sc. Hierarchical Segmented Regression Models with Application to Wood Density Analysis    Abstract C. Dean
2007-1 Lui, Lucy M.Sc. Bayesian Analysis of Dyadic Data Arising in Basketball    Abstract T. Swartz
2007-1 Muthukumarana, Saman M.Sc. Bayesian Modelling and Software Development for the POST Project    Abstract T. Swartz
2007-1 Duke, Linnea M.Sc. A Graphical Tool for Exploring SNP-by-Environment Interaction in Case-Parent Trios    Abstract J. Graham
2007-1 Wolters, Mark M.Sc. Using Oversized-Model Sets to Find Active Variables in Screening Experiments with Complex Aliasing    Abstract D. Bingham
2006-3 Lekivetz, Ryan M.Sc. A New Algorithm for Obtaining Mixed-Level Orthogonal and Nearly-Orthgonal Arrays    Abstract D. Bingham
2006-3 Bentley, John M.Sc. Modelling circular data using a mixture of von Mises and uniform distributions    Abstract R. Lockhart
2006-3 Buchannan, Seana M.Sc. Factors influencing the early marine ecology of juvenile sockeye salmon (O. nerka) in Rivers Inlet, British Columbia.    Abstract R. Routledge
2006-3 Feng, Xin (Cindy) M.Sc. Confidence intervals for proportions with focus on the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey    Abstract R. Sitter
2006-2 Chen, Zhijian M.Sc. Approximate likelihood inference for haplotype risks in case-control studies of a rare-disease    Abstract B. McNeney/ J. Graham
2006-2 Pratola, Matthew M.Sc. Design on Non-Convex Regions: Optimal Experiments for Spatial Process Prediction    Abstract D. Bingham
2006-2 Singh, Gurbakhshash M.Sc. Modeling Aggregated Returns with Application to Segregated Fund Guarantees    Abstract G. Parker
2006-2 Lysenko, Natalia M.Sc. Stochastic Analysis of Life Insurance Surplus    Abstract G. Parker
2006-2 Ying, Celes M.Sc. Generalized longitudinal data analysis with applications to evaluating hospital utilization based on administrative databases.    Abstract J. Hu
2006-2 Zamar, David M.Sc. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Exact inference for binomial regression models.    Abstract J. Graham/ B. McNeney
2006-1 Pickard, Darcy M.Sc. Evaluating the effectiveness of rehabilitation actions in creating fish habitat in the Trinity River.    Abstract C. Schwarz
2005-3 Nathoo, Farouk Ph.D. Mixture models for spatio-temporal multi-state processes    Abstract C. Dean
2005-3 Jiwani, Suman M.Sc. Parametric Changepoint Survival Model with Application to Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Data    Abstract C. Dean
2005-3 Summers, Amy M.Sc. Hockey Pools for Profit: A Simulation Based Player Selection Strategy    Abstract T. Swartz
2005-2 Lorenzi, Maria M.Sc. Analysis of Occupational Cohort Data Using Exposure as a Continuous Time-dependent Variable    Abstract J. Spinelli
2005-2 Ghadessi, Mercedeh M.Sc. A Comparison of Two Logistic Regression Approaches for Case-Control Data with Missing Haplotypes    Abstract B. McNeney/ J. Graham
2005-2 Shumansky Karey M.Sc. Comparison of Statistical Methods of Haplotype Reconstruction and Logistic Regression for Association Studies    Abstract J. Spinelli/ J. Graham
2005-2 Cowen, Laura Ph.D. Mark-recapture with tag loss   Abstract C. Schwarz
2005-2 Shen, Ran (Sandy) M.Sc. A Constrained Joint-Equation Estimation of at-a-station Hydraulic Geometry   Abstract C. Schwarz
2005-1 Sayre, Eric M.Sc. An approach to analyzing case-control screening data with an application to digital rectal exam and metastatic prostate cancer.    Abstract L. Weldon
2004-2 Lin, Chunfang M.Sc. Obtaining Non-isomorphic Two-level Regular Fractional Factorial Designs.    Abstract R. Sitter
2004-2 Loeppky, Jason Ph.D. Ranking Non-Regular Designs.    Abstract R. Sitter
2004-2 Shin, Ji-Hyung M.Sc. Logistic Regression Under Independence of Genetic and Non-Genetic Covariates in a Case-Control Study.    Abstract J. Graham/ B. McNeney
2004-1 Lu, Wen Wilson Ph.D. Confidentiality and variance estimation in complex surveys.    Abstract R. Sitter
2004-1 Trouton, Nicole M.Sc. An investigation into the factors influencing escapement estimation for chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) on the Lower Shuswap River, British Columbia.
  C. Schwarz
2004-1 Hamm, Jeremy M.Sc. Estimating the rate of concussions in British Columbia minor hockey using community volunteer collected data.
  C. Schwarz/ D. Goodman
2004-1 Li, Yiqing M.Sc. Predicting the 2004 Presidential Election   Abstract T. Swartz
2004-1 Wipperman, Brant M.Sc. Hierarchical Agglomerative Cluster Analysis with a contiguity constraints    Abstract M. Stephens
2003-3 Gregory, Jaqueline M.Sc. Application of case-cohort methods to data on pulp and paper mill workers in British Columbia    Abstract R. Sitter
2003-1 Beaudoin, David M.Sc. The Best Batsmen and Bowlers in One-Day Cricket    Abstract T. Swartz
2003-1 Lo, Michael S. M.Sc. Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedastic Time Series Models   Abstract R. Lockhart
2003-1 Bonner, Simon M.Sc. Continuous, Individual, Time-Dependent Covariates in the Cormack-Jolly-Seber Model    Abstract C. Schwarz
2003-1 Sutherland, Jason Ph.D. Multi-List Methods in Closed Populations with Stratified or Incomplete Information.    Abstract C. Schwarz
2002-3 Burkett, Kelly M.Sc. Logistic regression with missing haplotypes.    Abstract J. Graham
2002-3 Chui, Michael M.Sc. Nonparametric Simultaneous Modelling of Operative Mortality and Long-Term Survival After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.    Abstract C. Dean
2002-3 Linkletter, C. M.Sc. Predicting Natural Gas Production in the presence reporting delays.    Abstract R. Sitter
2002-2 Joy, R. M.Sc. Assessing infilling methods for missing data in spawning salmon estimates.   R. Routledge
2002-2 Chiu, G. Ph.D. Bent-Cable Regression for Assessing Abruptness of Change
Abstract. R. Lockhart/ R. Routledge
2002-1 Fernandez-Marinez, M. M.Sc. Hedging Financial Instruments to Control Risk When Accumulating a Pension Fund   J. Wirch
2001-3 Khandwala, F M.Sc. Increasing the Efficiency of Subregion Adaptive Quadrature Algorithms.   T. Swartz
2001-2 Nielsen, J. M.Sc. An Exploration of the use of B-splines for the semiparametric Analysis of Recurrent Event Data.   C. Dean
2001-2 Mok, L. M.Sc. Testing Whether a Gambling System is Profitable.   T. Swartz  
2001-2 Lee, M.K. M.Sc. Goodness-of-Fit Statistics and Subsequent Inference, A Case Study.   M. Stephens
2000-3 Simic, M. M.Sc. Statistical Analysis of Right Truncated Data.   J. Spinelli/ C. Dean
2000-3 Yin, R. M.Sc. Computer Network Traffic Analysis.   R. Lockhart
2000-3 Loeppky, J. M.Sc. Analyzing Unreplicated Blocked Fractional Factorial and Fractional Factorial Split-Plot Design.   R. Sitter
2000-3 Lu, W. M.Sc. Multi-Way Stratification by Linear Programming Made Practical.   R. Sitter
2000-3 WEi, W. L. M.Sc. Graph-Aided Design of Two-Level Blocked Fractional Factorial Experiments.   R. Sitter
2000-1 Chan, E. M.Sc. Pupping Probabilities II - The Bayesian Approach.   T. Swartz
2000-2 Chan, E. M.Sc. Regression and Quantile Regression Modeling of Census Income Data.   R. Lockhart
2000-1 Dauk, P. Ph.D. Estimation in creel surveys under non-standard conditions.   C. Schwarz
2000-1 Babineau, D. M.Sc. Estimating the Population Size of Razor Clams Using a Model Assisted Sampling Design and Analysis.   C. Schwarz
2000-1 Pond, G. M.Sc. An Analysis of British Columbia Sports Lotteries.   T. Swartz
1999-3 Macleod, C. M.Sc. Estimation of Age Specific Pupping Probabilities of the Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus   C. Schwarz
1999-2 Zhang, L. M.Sc. Accident rate estimation from a short time window - application to unscheduled aircraft landings.   L. Weldon
1999-2 Wu, C. Ph.D. The effective use of complete auxiliary information from survey data.   R. Sitter
1999-2 Paltiel, C. M.Sc. An analysis of the 1994-1996 Northern Strait of Georgia Oyster Survey   C. Schwarz
1999-2 Macnab, Y. Ph.D. Spatio-temporal modeling of Rates.   C. Dean
1999-1 Bingham, D. Ph.D. Design and Analysis of Fractional Factorial Split-Plot Experiments.   R. Sitter
1998-3 Thompson, D. M.Sc. An Examination of the Effect of Grouping on lifetime Data Analysis under a Weibull Assumption.   C. Dean
1998-3 Ghahramani, M. M.Sc. Simultaneous modelling of long- and short-term survival after coronary artery bypass graft surgery.   C. Dean
1998-2 Han, H.H. M.Sc. Measurement-Error Bias Correction in Spawner- Recruitment Relationships.   R. Routledge
1998-1 Taylor, C. M.Sc. A review of the BC vegetation resources inventory sampling design and the proposed estimators.   C. Schwarz
1997-3 Balshaw, R. Ph.D. Analysis of Recurrent Event Data.   C. Dean
1997-3 Kalbfleish, H. M.Sc. Variance estimating for sampling on two occasions.   R. Sitter
1997-1 Lui, P. M.Sc. Analysis of Real Estate Data Using Repeat Sales.   T. Swartz
1997-1 Butler, K. Ph.D. Some Problems in Paired Comparisons and Goodness-of-Fit for Logistic Regression.   R. Lockhart
1997-1 Brownwell, S. M.Sc. Analysis of Competing Risk Survival Data when some failure types are missing with application to a cohort of transfusion-related HIV data.   R. Routledge
1996-3 Sutherland, J. M.Sc. An Analysis of the 1994 Red Sea Urchin Survey.   C. Schwarz
1996-2 Sun, K. M.Sc. An Analysis of Turtle Hatching Data.   C. Schwarz
1996-2 Perera, C. Ph D. Statistical Analysis of Thermoluminescene Experiments for Sedimentary Dating.   R. Lockhart
1996-1 Rajwani, K. M.Sc. Adjusting the missed tags in salmon escapement surveys.   C. Schwarz
1995-2 Banneheka, S. Ph D. Statistical theory for hydroactoustic and mark-recapture estimation of fish populations   R. Routledge
1995-2 Rae, S. M.Sc. A comparison of clock scoring approaches for dementia screening in an elderly population.   C. Dean
1995-2 Tsao, Min Ph D. Asymptotic and numerical methods for approximating distributions   R. Routledge
1995-2 Yu, J. M.Sc. Local and global empirical Bayes estimates of infant mortality rates for the local health areas in British Columbia.   C. Dean
1995-1 Ma, L. M.Sc. Analysis of the Bone Metastases Data Set   C. Schwarz
1995-1 Cheng, S. M.Sc. Analysis of the Metastatic Liver Tumor Data Set   C. Schwarz
1994-3 Hu, X. M Sc. Machine recognition of handwritten numerl using discriminant analysis   R. Lockhart
1994-2 Kristiansen, L. M.Sc. An analysis of the timing of the age at home leaving for young Canadian adults.   C. Dean
1994-2 Zhan, M. M.Sc. Inference in segmented Polynomial models, with an application to swimming performance data on rainbow trout.   C. Dean
1994-2 Grunwald, H. M.Sc. Structural modelling of the human vertical jump   N/A
1994-1 Coronel-Brizio, H. Ph D. Regression tests of fit and some comparisons.   M. Stephens
1994-1 Spinelli, John Ph D. Cramer-von mises statistics for discrete distributions   M. Stephens
1994-1 Yu, J-D M.Sc. Genetic and Morphometric Characteristics of Eastern White Pine   L. Weldon
1993-2 Deng, G. M.Sc. Empirical Bayes analysis of mortality data in British Columbia.   C. Dean
1993-2 Zhong, Y. M.Sc. Seasonal Abundance and Habitat Preference of Red Rock Crabs   L. Weldon
1993-1 Mwangi, J.N. M.Sc. Yield comparison of potato varieties and fertilizer types and estimation of fertilizer level effect   D. Eaves
1993-1 Waweru, J. M Sc. A Statistical analysis of the african armyworm moth (spodoptera exempta in the rich valley province of Kenya   R. Lockhart
1992-2 Nasila, J. M Sc. Analysis of light response data   E. Swartz
1992-2 Perera, C. M Sc. Estimation and tests of fit for two component weibull mixtures   R. Lockhart
1992-2 Wu, J. M Sc. Proportional logistic regression analysis of a forestry data set   R. Lockhart
1992-2 Wong, C. M.Sc. Diagnostics and influence measures in regression.   C. Dean
1991-3 Chen, Ge Mai Ph D. Empirical processes Based on Regression Residuals Theory and Applications   R. Lockhart
1991-3 Ma, S. M Sc. Analysis of root data   T. Swartz
1991-3 Banneheka, B.M.S.G. M Sc. A statistical analysis of kingbird nest predation   T. Swartz
1991-3 Chen, W. M Sc. An analysis of bowling scores and handicap systems   Abstract   T. Swartz
1991-2 Bassily, E.L. M.Sc. Estimating the optimum growth conditions using Box-Cox transformation and generalized linear modelling   D. Eaves
1991-2 Cai, Ying M Sc. A statistical analysis of some anthropometric data   R. Lockhart
1991-1 Chen, Xiuqing M Sc. Statistical analysis of data conerning arterial lesions in steelhead trout.   R. Routledge
1990-3 Zheng, Y.Y. M.Sc. Analysis of the effect of soil sterilization on onion white rot   D. Eaves
1990-2 Susanto, R. M Sc. Can modified gillnets catch salmon without catching steelhead?   R. Routledge
1989-2 Guan, Y. M.Sc. Analysis of Data Concerning the Reduction of a Mosquito Population using Nematodes   L. Weldon
1989-2 Lee, S.H. M Sc. Using the stukel model to analyze basketball data   T. Swartz
1989-1 Karircioglu, K.K. M.Sc. An application of the Cox proportional hazards model to prostatic cancer survival data   D. Eaves
1989-1 Butler, K. M Sc. The use of paired-comparison and regression methods to analyze sports data   M. Stephens
1988-3 Chen, Y.T. M.Sc. The effect of native and laboratory salinity levels on seed germination of carex lyngbyei Eaves   D. Eaves
1988-2 Kong, Y.C. M Sc. A statistical study of spectral sensitivity in the onion fly.   R. Routledge
1988-1 Mohamed, J. M.Sc. A Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Bzd in the Prevention and Management of Oral Mucositis   L. Weldon
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