Statistics & Actuarial Science Seminars for 2011-2012

Summer 2012

Date Time Location Speaker Title
Jun 15
1:30 IRMACS Theatre Chris Brien - University of Southern Austrailia
Formulating mixed models for experiments, including longitudinal experiments
Jul 20 1:30 K9509 Mary Thompson - Professor, University of Waterloo Surveys and intervention research

Spring 2012

Date Time Location Speaker Title
Jan. 20
Steve Thompson - Professor - SFU
Adaptive sampling in dynamic environments
Feb. 24 1:30 IRMACS Theatre Mahmoud Zarepour - Associate Professor - University of Ottawa
On some progress in nonparametric Bayesian inference
Mar. 30 1:30 IRMACS Theatre Kary Myers - Scientist - Los Alamos National Laboratory Malt Balls or Malt Beer? Detecting the Prohibited Operation of Dual-Use Facilities

Fall 2011

Date Time Location Speaker Title
Oct. 28
1:30 IRMACS Theatre Liangliang Wang - UBC -PhD Candidate
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Phylogenetics
Dec. 9
1:30 IRMACS Theatre
Gabriela Cohen-Freue -  UBC - Research Associate - UBC
Statistical Proteomics: a bumpy road from discovery to clinical implementation