Statistics & Actuarial Science Seminars for 2005-2006

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Times given for departmental seminars are for cookies and coffee; seminars follow by 15 minutes.





Sept. 13, 3:15 ASB 10900 Michael Stephens, SFU Testing Fit to a Discrete Distribution with Special Reference to Testing Benford's Law
Sept. 16, 1:00 ASB 10900 Martin Siegert and Rob Ballantyne, SFU Parallel Programming: For Statisticians of All Ages
Sept. 27, 2:15 ASB 10900 Rebecca Betensky, Harvard U Methods for Analysis of Truncated Survival Data
Oct. 1, 1:30-8:00 UBC Okanagan Subhash Lele (U Alberta) and Keith Worsley (McGill U) Pacific Northwest Statistics Meeting
Oct. 6, 1:00-5:00 BC Cancer Agency Paul Gustafson (UBC) and Tim Swartz (SFU) Joint UBC/SFU Seminar: Topics in Bayesian Statistics
Oct. 20, 11:30 ASB 10900 Steven Thompson, SFU IRMACS Seminar
Oct. 21, 1:00 ASB 10900 Vasant Waikar, Miami University Fitting Positively Skewed Distributions
Nov. 1, 3:15 ASB 10900 Robert King, U Newcastle Modelling Shape with the Generalized Lambda Distribution
Nov. 8, 3:15 ASB 10900 Greg DiRienzo, Harvard U Comparing the Joint Distribution of Multiple Categorical Variables Between Two Groups: With Application to Analysis of Pre/Post HIV-1 Genotype Sequences
Nov. 17, 11:30 ASB 10900 Jason Nielsen, SFU IRMACS Seminar
Nov. 18, 2:15 ASB 10900 Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard U Espousing Modern Computation with Classical Statistics: Sufficiency, Ancillarity and A New Generation of MCMC
Nov. 22, 3:15 K9509 Ying Zhang, University of Iowa Likelihood-Based Semiparametric Estimation Methods for Panel Count Data with Covariates
Dec. 6, 2:15 ASB 10900 Raphael Gottardo, UBC Bayesian Robust Inference for Differential Gene Expression
Dec. 13, 1:15 ASB 10900 David Campbell, McGill U Fitting Differential Equations to Data
Jan. 13, 3:15 ASB 10900 Ken Seng Tan, U Waterloo Optimal Retention for a Stop-Loss Reinsurance under the VaR and CTE Risk Measures
Jan. 16, 1:00-5:00 BC Cancer Agency John Petkau (UBC) and Carl Schwarz (SFU) BRG and Joint UBC/SFU Seminar: Case Studies in Statistical Science
Jan. 30, 3:15 ASB 10900 Ramazan Gencay, SFU Unit Root Tests with Wavelets
Feb. 20, 3:15 ASB 10900 John Braun, U Western Ontario Kernel Spline Regression
Feb. 28, 3:15 ASB 10900 Tom Loughin, Kansas State U Better Design and Analysis of Long-Term Experiments
Mar. 13, 3:15 ASB 10900 Jin Ma, Purdue U Stochastic Analysis in Actuarial Problems
Mar. 14, 4:00 UBC, LSK 300 David Binder Why Take a Design-based Approach to Modeling Data from Complex Surveys?
Mar. 27, 3:15 ASB 10900 Larry Weldon, SFU Some Controversies of Statistics Education and Practice
Mar. 31, 1-5pm Chan Auditorium, CFRI Rollin Brant (UBC) and Steven Thompson (SFU) BRG and Joint UBC/SFU Seminar
Apr. 3, 3:15 ASB 10900 Andrej Blejec, U Ljubljana A Statistical Method for Detection of Firing Rate Changes in Spontaneously Active Neurons

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