Statistics & Actuarial Science Seminars for 2004-2005

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June 2,
ASB 10900 Michael Dowd, Dalhousie U Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Nonlinear Ecological Dynamics
Apr. 22 U Victoria Brian Leroux, U Washington, and Steven Thompson, Penn State Pacific Northwest Statistics Meeting
Apr. 7, 14:30 SSCK 8648 Ching-Yun Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Expected Estimating Equations for Missing Data, Measurement Error, and Misclassification, with Application to Longitudinal Nonignorably Missing Data
Mar. 31, 13:00 ASB 10900 Huaiqing Wu, Iowa State U Compromise Plans with Clear Two-Factor Interactions
Mar. 24, 13:00 ASB 10900 Boris Sobolev, VGH Measuring Mortality on Surgical Wait Lists
Mar. 18, 13:15 ASB 10900 Sebastian Jaimungal, U Toronto Equity Linked (Re)Insurance Products with Levy Processes
Mar. 17, 13:00 ASB 10900 John Morgan, Virginia Tech Resolvable Designs with Large Blocks
Mar. 16, 13:15 ASB 9896 Andrei Badescu, U Waterloo Risk Processes Analyzed as Fluid Queues
Mar. 10, 13:00 ASB 10900 Jock MacKay, U Waterloo Some Specialized Problems with Variance Components
Mar. 8, 13:15 ASB 10900 Sebastien Haneuse, Vanderbilt U The Combination of Ecological and Case-Control Data
Mar. 7, 13:15 ASB 10900 Bryan Shepherd, U Washington Comparing outcomes that only exist in a group chosen after randomization
Mar. 3, 15:15 ASB 10900 Katie Pollard, University of California, Santa Cruz Statistical methods for analysis of high dimensional genomic data
Mar. 1, 13:15 ASB 10900 Joonghee Huh, University of Waterloo Efficient Computation of Multivariate Barrier Crossing Probability and its Applications in Finance
Feb. 25, 13:15 ASB 10900 Xiaoping Jin, University of Minnesota Multivariate Lattice Models for Areal Data with Application to Multiple Disease Mapping
Feb. 24, 13:15 ASB 10900 Yi Lu, Concordia University On Periodic and Markovian Non-homogeneous Poisson Processes with Application to Risk Theory
Feb. 22, 13:00 ASB 10900 Nick Hengartner, Los Alamos National Labs The Challenges of Passive Muon Tomography
Feb. 10, 13:30 K9509 Karen Booth and Jim Brookes, MITACS MITACS Internship Program
Feb. 4, 13:00 ASB 9896 Jae-Kwang Kim, Yonsei University Fractional Imputation Using a Regression Imputation Model
Jan.27, 13:00-17:00 SFU Harbour Centre Charmaine Dean, SFU, and Jim Zidek,UBC Joint UBC/SFU Seminar on Spatial Statistics
Jan. 24, 14:15 ASB 9896 Andrew Lawson, U South Carolina Some Issues in Spatial Epidemiology
Dec. 15, 16:00 ASB 10900 Bradley Carlin, U Minnesota Bayesian Areal Wombling for Geographical Boundary Analysis
Dec. 10-11 SFU Harbour Centre Jim Ramsay, McGill U Functional Data Analysis Instructional Workshop
Dec. 9, 16:00 SFU Harbour Centre Jim Ramsay, McGill U From Data to Dynamic Models
Dec. 9, 12:00 K9509 Ying MacNab, UBC and BCRICWH Markov Chain Monte Carlo Fitting of Generalized Additive Mixed Spline Models for Burden of Injury Estimation and Mapping
Dec. 8, 13:00 K9509 Leilei Zeng, U Waterloo Statistical Methods for Multivariate and Clustered Longitudinal Binary Data
Dec. 2, 13:00 ASB 10900 Rhonda Rosychuk, U Alberta Performance of Goodness-of-fit Tests Based on Transition Counts for Misclassified Binary Longitudinal Data
Nov. 18, 13:00 K9509 Tom Loughin, Kansas State U Modeling Association Between Two or More Multiple-Response Categorical Variables
Nov. 4, 13:00 ASB 10900 Richard Cook, U Waterloo Some Recent Incomplete Event History Data Problems in Health Research (BRG)
Oct. 28, 13:00 ASB 10900 Chuan Zhou, U Washington A Bayesian Hierarchical Mixture Model for Curve Clustering
Oct. 21, 13:00 ASB 10900 Federico O'Reilly, UNAM Mexico Conditional Distribution of Goodness-of-Fit Tests
Oct. 20, 12:30 K9509 Michael Stephens, SFU Review session for Federico O'Reilly's talk on Oct. 21
Oct. 8, 14:00 UBC Pacific Northwest Statistics Meeting Session in honour of Jim Zidek's 65th birthday
Oct. 7, 13:00 ASB 10900 Federico O'Reilly, UNAM Mexico Random Selection of Waltzes: Mozart's Musikalisches W├╝rfelspiel K.294 (Anh.C)
Sept. 30, 13:00 ASB 10900 Jason Fine, U Wisconsin Functional Regression Modelling of Survival Processes
Sept. 16, 13:00 ASB 10900 Will Welch, UBC  

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