Statistics & Actuarial Science Seminars for 2003-2004

Date   Speaker Title
March 25 16:00 (BRG) Katherine S. Pollard, UC Santa Cruz Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Clustering: Statistical Methods for Analysis of High Dimensional Biological Data
March 11 13:00 Dave Higdon, Los Alamos National Labs Model Calibration and Simulator-Based Inference and Prediciton
Feb 26 16:00 (BRG) Denise Daley, St. Paul's Hospital Identification of Susceptibility Genes for Colon Neoplasia
Feb 19 13:00 Steven K. Thompson, Penn State University Active Set Adaptive Sampling
Feb 12 13:00 Shane Reese, BYU Hierarchical models for permutations with applications to auto racing results
Jan 29 16:00 (BRG) Joan Hu, SFU Interim Analysis in Clinincal Trials
Jan 22 13:00 Brant Wipperman, SFU Hierarchical Agglomerative Cluster Analysis with a Contiguity Constraint (M.Sc. Defense)
Jan 15 13:00 David Mease, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Latin Hyper-Rectangle Sampling for Computer Experiments
Nov 27 14:00 William Li, University of Minnesota Efficient Model-Discriminating Designs
Nov 20 13:00 Harry Joe, UBC Limited and full information estimation and goodness-of-fit testing in 2^n contingency tables
Nov 13 13:00 Rachel Fouladi, SFU A comparative examination of procedures for the analysis of patterned correlation models
Oct 16 13:15 Xihong Lin, University of Michigan TBA
Sep 25 13:15 Vijay Nair, University of Michigan TBA
Sep 22 13:15 Grace Chiu, University of Washington TBA
Sep 18 13:15 Arden Miller, University of Auckland A Geometric Interpretation of the Analysis of Unreplicated Factorial Experiments
Sep 11 13:15 Rachel MacKay, U Washington A New Class of Models for the Design and Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials
Sep 12 13:15 Marcia Yuanyuan Wang, U Waterloo Statistical Methods for classification with High Throughput Screening Data
Sep 4 13:15 Jim Ramsay, McGill University Functional data analysis