Statistics & Actuarial Science Seminars for 2002-2003

Date   Speaker Title
Jul 10 14:30 Tae Young Yang, Myongji U, Korea On a binary segmentation procedure
Apr 7 14:30 Louis-Paul Rivest, Univ de Laval. Log-linear models for the robust design in mark-recapture experiments
Mar 27 13:15 Paul Gustafson, UBC On Model Expansion, Model Contraction, Identifiability, and Prior Information: Two Illustrative Scenarios involving Mismeasured Variables
Mar 20 14:30 Richard Lockhart, SFU Bayesian-assisted Goodness-of-Fit
Mar 6 13:15 Alexandre Carvalho, UBC Mixtures-of-Experts of Time Series Models
Feb 27 13:15 Tim Swartz, SFU Extended Voting Measures
Feb 6 13:15 Tanya Kolosova, Tel-Aviv University, Israel Model Discrimination Criterion for Finding the Active Factors in Screening Experiments
Jan 23 13:15 Rachel MacKay, University of British Columbia Hidden Markov Models for Multiple Processes