Current Index to Statistics (Extended Database)

The CIS Extended Database contains over 150,000 records of bibliographic information, including entries from the printed version of Current Index to Statistics covering years 1975 onwards. The CIS/ED also contains expanded coverage of pre-1975 journal articles not originally contained in the printed volumes. CIS/ED is jointly sponsored by the American Statistical Association (ASA) and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS).

Accessing the CIS

Copyright restrictions require that only people on our campus network can access the database. The Current Index to Statistics is available through the SFU Library system through the WWW.

Searching the CIS

You can perform searches using keywork, author, title, or subject. For example, to do a search for all articles that have the words 'capture' or 'recapture' in the title or as a subject, you would do two separate searches and them combine then together.

First search the titles: change the select button to Title, enter

 capture or recapture

Now to seach the subject index: change the select button to Subject and enter

 capture or recapture

Now combine the two searches by clicking the buttons in the Combine column of the table that appears in your browser. Choose And to get all articles with capture or recapture in the title and subject, or choose Or to get articles with capture or recapture in the title or the subject.

Just press Display to browse the list. It is sorted by year. Note that you can have the results emailed to you by using the Print/Email/Save button. You may find that you have to Mark some of the records from your displayed search list first in order to have the email option work properly.

There are various help screen to help you search. As well, the library has some handouts available on searching the databases.