M.Sc. and Ph.D. Defences

This is the schedule for upcoming defences from graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science department.

Summer 2019

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


22 9:30 K9509 MSc Mengyang (Chris) Li Statistical Evaluation of Data from the NHL Combine
31 1:00 K9509 MSc Haoyao Ruan Covariance-adjusted, sparse, reduced-rank regression with application to imaging-genetics data


14 10:30 K9509 MSc Anqi (Angela) Chen Selecting baseline two-level designs using optimality and aberration criteria when some two-factor interactions are important


12 10:30 SSB 7172 MSc Kevin Floyd Ain't Played Nobody: Building an Optimal Schedule to Secure an NCAA Tournament Berth
16 10:00 K9509 PhD Shijia Wang Advanced Monte Carlo methods and applications. 
23 10:00 K9509 PhD Chenlu Shi Supersaturated Designs for Screening Experiments and Strong Orthogonal Arrays for Computer Experiments


Spring 2019

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


07 10:30 Library2020 MSc Cherlane Lin Unsupervised Learning on Functional Data with an Application on the Analysis of U.S. Temperature Prediction Accuracy.


29 10:30 K9509 MSc Daniel Daly-Grafstein Rao-Blackwellizing Field Goal Percentage


09 10:00 ASB 9896 MSc Grace Feng An Efficient Statistical Method of Detecting Introgressive Events from Big Genomic Data
11 10:30 ASB 9896 MSc Erin Zhang Multidimensional Scaling for Phylogenetics
17 10:00 K9509 MSc Grace Hsu Super fast emulation and calibration of large computer experiments with high-dimensional output
23 10:00 K9509 MSc Vinnie Liu Predicting Ovarian Cancer Survival Times: Feature Selection and Performance of Parametric Methods and Random Survival Forests