M.Sc. and Ph.D. Thesis Defences

This is the schedule for upcoming and recent thesis defences from graduate students in the SFU Statistics and Actuarial Science department.

Spring 2017

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link
Mar. 24 10:30 K9509 MSc Michael Johnson Analysis of the Bitcoin Exchange using Particle MCMC Methods
Mar. 31 10:30 K9509 MSc Dejie (Katherine) Kong Delta Hedging for Single Premium Segregated Fund
Apr. 06 11:15 K9509 MSc Botao (Bobby) Han Analysis of Target Benefit Plan with Aggregate Cost Method
Apr. 13 10:00 K9509 MSc Tian Li Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis for Non-ignorable Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies
Apr. 18 10:00 K9509 PhD Biljana Jonoska Stojkova Bayesian methods for multi-modal posterior topologies
Apr. 19 10:00 K9509 MSc Zetong (Cecilia) Li Stochastic Modeling and Comparison of Two Pension Plans
Apr. 20 10:30 AQ4150 MSc Terry Tang Predictive Estimation in Canadian Federal Elections