M.Sc. and Ph.D. Defences

This is the schedule for upcoming defences from graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science department.

Summer 2020

Remote defences are being held due to Covid-19, if you wish to attend any defence remotely please email statgrad@sfu.ca.

Date Time Location          
Degree Candidate Title / Abstract Link


19 9:30 Remote PhD Tianyu Guan Some New Methods and Models in Functional Data Analysis.


3 10:00


PhD Shufei Ge Statistical and Machine Learning Methods in Computational Genetics
14 10:30 Remote MSc Haiyang (Jason) Jiang Understanding and Estimating Predictive Performance of Statistical Learning Methods based on Data Properties
15 10:00 Remote MSc Fei Mo Understanding Jump Dynamics Using Liquidity Measures
29 2:00 Remote PhD Zhiyang Zhou Supervised Basis Functions Applied to Functional Regression and Classification


18 10:00 Remote MSc Gabriel Phelan New Perspectives on Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Inference in Grouped Topic Models
19 9:30 Remote MSc Sichen (Coco) Liu Curating and Combining Big Data from Genetic Studies
10:00 Remote PhD Nathan Sandholtz Modeling human decision-making in spatial and temporal systems
20 1:00 Remote PhD Yi Xiong Statistical Analysis of Event Times with Missing Origin Aided by Auxiliary Information, with Application to Wildfire Management
20 1:00 Remote MSc Matthew Reyers Quarterback Evaluation in the National Football League
21 11:00 Remote PhD Jacob Mortensen Statistical methods for tracking data in sports
24 10:00 Remote MSc Jie (John) wang Bayesian logistic regression with the local bouncy particle sampler for COVID-19


Spring 2020

Date Time Location          
Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


1:00 SECB 1011 MSc Dani Chu Foul Accumulation in the NBA
20 4:30 AQ 4120
Kanav Gupta Optimal Investment and Consumption Strategy for a Retiree Under Stochastic Force of Mortality


13 10:00 Library 2020   MSc Neil Faught Assessing the Performance of an Open Spatial Mark Recapture Method on Grizzly Bear Populations When Age Data is Missing


Remote defences are being held due to Covid-19, if you wish to attend any defence remotely please email statgrad@sfu.ca.
7 1:00 Remote MSc Barinder Thind Functional Neural Networks for Scalar Prediction
9 2:00 Remote MSc Sihan (Echo) Cheng An application of clustering methods to improving forecasting performances of mortality models
17 10:00 Remote MSc Siyuan Chen Approximate Marginal Likelihoods for Shrinkage Parameter Estimation in Penalized Logistic Regression Analysis of Case-Control Data
24 10:00 Remote
MSc Megan Kurz Statistical analysis of multi-type recurrent events, with application in opioid use disorder studies
30 1:00 Remote MSc Matthew Berkowitz A Bivariate Longitudinal Model for Psychometric Data


Fall 2019

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link


11:45 K9509 MSc Qi (Emma) Wen Prediction for Canadian Federal Election Aided by Canadian Community Health Survey


27 9:30 ASB 10920 MSc Joel Therrien The Competing Risks Random Forrest Method for Large-Scale Data