M.Sc. and Ph.D. Thesis Defences

This is the schedule for upcoming and recent thesis defences from graduate students in the SFU Statistics and Actuarial Science department.

Summer 2014 Defences

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link
May 23 10:00 K9509 MSc Pulindu Ratnasekera Irregularly Spaced Time Series Data with Time Scale Measurement Error
July 10  9:00 K9509 MSc Tianyu Guan Multiple-Decrement Compositional Forecasting with the Lee-Carter Model 
Aug 18 10:00 K9509 MSc Jiaying (Vicky) Weng Maximin Strong Orthogonal Arrays
Aug 18 11:00 K9509 MSc Kunasekaran Nirmalkanna Optimal Designs of Two-Level Factorials when N ≡ 1 and 2 (mod 4) under a Baseline Parameterization
Aug 18  2:00 IRMACS PhD Joslin Goh Prediction and Calibration Using Outputs from Multiple Computer Simulators 
Aug 20 11:30 K9509 MSc Fei Wang Exploring Mental Health Related ED Visits Project: Frequency of Recurrence and Risk Factors
Aug 22 10:30 K9509 MSc Nathaniel Payne Evaluating the Impact of Heteroscedasticity on The Predictive Ability Of Modern Regression Techniques

Spring 2014 Defences

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link
Jan 03
Rachel Lipson
Predicting Ovarian Cancer Survival Times: Performance of Parametric Methods and Random Survival Forests
Jan 23 10:00 ASB 10940 IRMACS MSc Qian Wang Variations of the linear logarithm hazard transform for modeling cohort mortality rates
Jan 23 12:00 ASB 10900  IRMACS  PhD Zheng (Sean) Sun Model assessment: Bayes assisted tests and tests for discrete data 
Mar 03 2:00 K9509 MSc Tingting Wen Understanding risks in a hybrid pension plan with stochastic rates of return
Apr 24 10:30 K9509 PhD Shirin Golchi Bayesian Computational Methods and Applications