Starting a VNC client

[Still a work-in-progress.]

You will first need to download and install a VNC client on your computer. Windows users might try UltraVNC. Mac users might try Chicken (formerly Chicken of the VNC).

Before starting the VNC client, you need to start a VNC server. 

After starting the VNC server on the remote cluster node, start the VNC client on your computer. You will then see a window prompting you for the following information:

  • Hostname: The hostname name of the cluster node you started the VNC server on (see the Starting a VNC server page for an example).
  • Display or port: The desktop number of the VNC server you started.
  • Password: Your FASnet password.

Now click Connect to start the connection. You will see a virtual desktop running the Gnome window manager.

Note: You will see a pop-up window with the message "Authentication is required to set the network proxy used for downloading packages". It appears to be safe to just dismiss this window by clicking Cancel.

To start a terminal, Use the Applications menu at the top left of your desktop and select SystemTools -> Terminal. Remember to load the modules you need, as descripted on the Getting started page.

[NB: have asked Gripe if they can install RStudio on the cluster -- will keep you posted.]