We have a 25-user floating license for the Solaris version of the IMSL Numerical Fortran Library. You must be logged into one of our Sun's running the Solaris 2.x (SunOS 5.x) operating system. Currently, our best machine is a Sparc 20 named skwamkwam (power), which has 128 Megs of RAM. You may also use one of the faculty Sparc 20's if you first obtain the permission of the owner.

IMSL has a ton of environment variables and aliases which need to be set in order to run properly. We have an alias called imsl which will do this for you. Just type imsl at the unix prompt on skwamkwam. This will only work if you are using the standard .login and .cshrc. (You can obtain copies of these from /home/math/new.)


If you obtained your Unix account before September 1994, then your paths might not be set correctly for Solaris. In order to have the correct paths, you should use the standard .login, .cshrc, .mylogin, and .mychsrc. If you have not yet copied over these standard files from /home/math/new to your home directory, you should do so. Be sure to first rename your old .login and .cshrc to .login.old and .cshrc.old, in order to keep any customizations you may wish to put in your .mylogin and .mychsrc.

How do you know if you have the correct .login and .cshrc? Take a look at them. Your .login should contain the following near the top of the file:

# Prepared by John Hebron #
# Department of Mathematics & Statistics, SFU #
# #
# Last Modified 30 August 1994 #

and your .cshrc should contain the following:

# Prepared by John Hebron #
# Department of Mathematics & Statistics, SFU #
# #
# Last Modified 28 August 1994 #

These files actually source /home/math/alpha/alpha.login and /home/math/alpha/alpha.cshrc, which I modify as required.

FORTRAN on Solaris

The compiler is located in /usr/local/SUNWspro/bin/f77. The path is set in the alpha.login file, so you should be able to just type "f77".

To get help on IMSL type "iptdoc" at the unix prompt. NOTE: this only works after you have typed "imsl" to load the imsl environment. Also iptdoc is an X-windows command, so be sure to set your DISPLAY environment variable correctly, as follows. For the purpose of illustration, I will assume you are sitting at "math12". Open an xterm or command tool shell to skwamkwam, and type: setenv DISPLAY math12:0 . This will tell skwamkwam to display its X-windows to math12. (Substitute math12 with the name of the computer you are actually using. Don't forget the ":0".)
On math12, or whatever computer you are using, type: xhost +skwamkwam This tells math12 (or whatever computer you are using) that it is okay for skwamkwam to display its X-windows there. Now you can type "iptdoc" and read the on-line help for IMSL.

I've run the quality assurance check on the IMSL routines, and they all passed, so it seems to be working okay. Please let John Hebron know if there are any Users,

Compile with make files

A number of you have unsuccessfully tried Fortran and IMSL on power. What you tried was: f77 yourprog.f -limslib where "yourprog.f" is the name of your fortran program. Although this works on the SunOS 4.1.1 computers, such as warrior, it will **not** work on power. What you need is the following: f77 yourprog.f $LINK_FNL

Here, $LINK_FNL is an environment variable which is set when you type "imsl", as per my last message.

Try "setenv | grep FNL" to see the other environment variables which may be useful to you when compiling using the Fortran Numerical Libraries.

If you want to refer to the library in a make file, you must specify $$LINK_FNL.