Statistics & Actuarial Science Graduate Students and Post Docs

Welcome! There are approximately 60 Statistics & Actuarial Science graduate students here at SFU, all of whom contribute substantially to our academic environment. Listed below are those who have consented to be on this webpage, in accordance with University privacy policies.

PHD STUDENTS                  

Dong, Jianghu (James)
jianghud at n/a BDH
Grosskopf, Michael mgrossko at 778-782-6998 K10571
Ge, Shufei shufeig at n/a BDH
Guan, Tianyu tianyug at 778-782-9602 P9309
Karunanayaka, Chamara rckaruna at 778-782-9602 P9309
Karunarathna, Charith ckarunar at 778-782-9602 P9309
Li, Dongdong dla136 at 778-782-9602 P9309
Lin, Luyao
lla24 at
778-782-6998 K10571
Liu, Dongmeng dla138 at 778-782-4983 BDH
Mortensen, Jacob jmortens at n/a BDH
Nickchi, Payman pnickchi at n/a BDH
Nie, Yunlong (Ben)
nyunlong at 778-782-6998 K10571
Nieuwouldt, Christina cnieuwou at n/a BDH
Premarathna, Wijendra
wpremara at
778-782-9602 P9309
Ratnasekera, Pulindu pratnase at 778-782-9602 P9309
Ruth, William wruth at 778-782-9602 P9309
Safari, Abdollah
asafari at
778-782-9602 P9309
Sandholtz, Nathan nsandhol at n/a BDH
Sang, Peijun (Perry)
psang at n/a BDH
Shi, Chenlu chenlus at n/a BDH
Wang, Shijia shijiaw at n/a BDH
Xiong, Yi xiong at n/a  BDH
Yang, Yuping yupingy at n/a BDH
Yazdi, Faezeh fyazdi at n/a  BDH
Zhou, Zhiyang zza115 at n/a BDH


Bailey, Sarah srbailey at 778-782-4983 K9501
Choi, JinChoel jca306 at 778-782-2493 K9501
Haunderland, Sven snh2 at 778-782-9602 P9309
Hsia, Richard  rhsia at 778-782-9602 K9501
Hsu, Grace gghsu at n/a BDH
Induruwage, Dilshani dinduruw at 778-782-4983 K9501
Kim, Jinwan jka102 at 778-782-4983 K9501
Lachaine-Loiselle, Maude mlachain at 778-782-6998 K10571
Lin, Yan (Lillian) yla250 at n/a BDH
Ma, Yue yma41 at n/a BDH
Parkhouse, Jennifer
jlp14 at
778-782-4983 K9501
Qiu, Derek dqa5 at 778-72-9602 P9309
Thiessen, Michelle mthiesse at n/a BDH
Thomson, Trevor tta51 at 778-782-9602 P9309
van Bommel, Matthew mvanbomm at 778-782-9602 P9309
Wang, Haixu (Alex) haixuw at n/a BDH
Wang, Yueren yuerenw at n/a BDH
Wang, Jing jwa107 at n/a BDH
Wang, Ran rwa79 at n/a BDH
Wu, Di dwa51 at n/a BDH
Wu, Steven swa157 at n/a BDH
Yi, Lu yiluy at n/a BDH
Zhang, Ying yza322 at n/a BDH
Zhao, Joanna jza178 at n/a BDH
Zhou, Haoxuan (Charlie) hza70 at n/a  BDH

Postdoctoral Fellows

Liu, Baisen baisenl at n/a P9317
Khosrow-Khavar, Farzad fkhosrow at n/a  

Visiting Research Students

Wang, Suxin (Jasmine)
swa176 at n/a BDH

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