Faculty Members

Department Chair: Dr. Tim Swartz

Graduate Program Chair: Dr. Jinko Graham

Undergraduate Program Chair: Dr. Harsha Perera

Actuarial Science Group Leader: Dr. Yi Lu



Area of Research

E-mail address

Altman, Rachel Latent variable models (e.g., hidden Markov models, mixed models), survival time methods rachelm at sfu.ca
Bégin, Jean-François Financial modelling, risk management, financial econometrics, filtering methods, credit risk, option pricing jbegin at sfu.ca
Bingham, Derek Design of experiments, industrial statistics, Bayesian methods, uncertainty quantification dbingham at sfu.ca   
Bornn, Luke On-Leave. Spatial and spatio-temporal modelling. Monte Carlo methods and statistical computing. Environmetrics. Statistics in sport lbornn at sfu.ca 
Cao, Jiguo Functional Data Analysis, Statistical Genomics, Bayesian Inference
jca76 at sfu.ca
Elliott, Lloyd Statistical genetics and genomics, bioinformatics; machine learning, Bayesian statistics, high-dimensional data lloyd.elliott at sfu.ca
Estep, Don Computational probability, uncertainty quantification, stochastic inverse problems, efficient computational algorithms, stochastic modeling donald.estep at sfu.ca
Graham, Jinko
Statistical genetics and genomics, Monte Carlo methods, statistical computing jgraham at sfu.ca
Hu, Joan Incomplete Data, Correlated Data, Biostatistics joanh at stat.sfu.ca
Lockhart, Richard Goodness-of-fit testing, model assessment, high dimensional regression, large sample theory. lockhart at sfu.ca
Loughin, Marie Lab Instructor mloughin at sfu.ca
Loughin, Tom Statistical learning algorithms, categorical data analysis, variable selection, statistics in sports  tloughin at sfu.ca
Lu, Yi Risk Theory, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical Applications yilu at sfu.ca
McNeney, Brad Statistical methods in genetic epidemiology, statistical computing
mcneney at sfu.ca
Parker, Gary Financial Risk Management, Interest Rate Risk gparker at stat.sfu.ca
Perera, Harsha Bayesian Statistics, Statistics in Sport gperera at sfu.ca
Sanders, Barbara Pension plan design and risk management; stochastic modeling. bsanders at sfu.ca
Sitter, Randy Survey sampling; industrial statistics; design of experiment SSC Memorial Session
Swartz, Tim Statistical Computing, Bayesian Statistics, Statistics in Sport
tim at stat.sfu.ca
Tang, Boxin Design of experiments; industrial statistics boxint at sfu.ca
Thompson, Steve Sampling theory and methods; environmental statistics; statistical design and inference thompson at sfu.ca
Tsai, Cary Risk Theory, Mortality Model, Longevity Risk,
Stochastic Processes in Insurance and Finance
cltsai at sfu.ca
Wang, Liangliang Bayesian statistics; Monte Carlo methods; Functional data analysis lwa68 at sfu.ca

Limited Term

Pai, Scott   scpai at sfu.ca
Yapa, Gaitri   gaitri_yapa at sfu.ca

Emeritus Faculty

Routledge, Rick Biometrics estimating the sizes of animal populations. routledg at sfu.ca
Schwarz, Carl Statistical ecology; capture-recapture models; linear and generalized linear models cschwarz at sfu.ca
Stephens, Michael Goodness-of-fit testing, directional data. In Memoriam

Retired Faculty

Eaves, David Biometrics, generalized linear modelling, theory of inference. In Memoriam
Insley, Robin Lab Instructor insley at sfu.ca
Villegas, Cesareo Foundations of Bayesian inference. In Memoriam
Weldon, Larry Foundations of statistics, stochastic modeling and simulation, multivariate. weldon at sfu.ca

Associate Faculty

Area of Research

E-mail address

Beg, Mirza Faisal School of Engineering Science Computational anatomy, Non-rigid registration of medical images, Shape analysis, Statistical atlas of anatomical shapes and parallel computing applications to medical image computing mfbeg ar sfu.ca
Lu, Zhaosong Dept. of Mathematics Theory and algorithms for deterministic and/or stochastic continuous optimization, applications of continuous optimization in statistics. zhaosong at sfu.ca
McCandless, Lawrence Faculty of Health Science Bayesian statistics, statistical methods for epidemiology, causal inference in observational studies, confounding bias, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, hierarchical modelling. mccandl at sfu.ca
Pei, Jian  School of Computing Science Data mining and big data analytics. jpei at cs.sfu.ca
Schulte, Oliver School of Computing Science Machine Learning for Structured Data, Computational Logic, Computational Game Theory oschulte at cs.sfu.ca
Xie, Hui  Faculty of Health Science Missing data analysis, eHealth and mhealth, Combining Social and Health Behavior Data from Multiple Sources, Statistical Methods for Disclosure Control.
xiehuix at sfu.ca

Adjunct Faculty

Area of Research

E-mail address

Ainsworth, Laurie  PhiStat Research and Consulting Development of statistical methodology for environmental & health data especially with respect to:multivariate analysis; functional data analysis; zero-inflated spatial models; data visualization and qualitative methods. laurie at phistat.ca
Braun, John
University of British Columbia-Okanagan
Computational statistics, with applications to fire science; statistical process control; statistical education. john.braun at ubc.ca
Bureau, Alexandre  Médecine sociale et préventive, Médecine, Université Laval statistical aspects of gene mapping in family studies,  study designs for genetic epidemiology. Alexandre.Bureau at fmed.ulaval.ca
Campbell, Dave        Carleton University Computational Statistics, Bayesian Algorithm, Probabilistic Numerics, Deep Learning, Image and Text Processing, Dynamic Systems. dac5 at sfu.ca  
Chipman, Hugh, Acadia University Industrial statistics, Bayesian methods, Statistical learning, Statistical computing hugh.chipman at acadiau.ca  
Dean, Charmaine  Western University
Spatial statistics, survival analysis, joint outcome modeling, environmetrics, forest fire analysis, spatio-temporal epidemiology.
dean at sfu.ca
Gill, Paramjit
University of British Columbia-Okanagan
Sports statistics, round robin models, spatio-temporal modelling paramjit.gill at ubc.ca
Golchi, Shirin - MTEK Sicience Bayesian adaptive clinical trials with an application to global health, Bayesian modelling and computation, Computer experiments. sgolchi at sfu.ca
Guttorp, Peter
University of Washington
Use of stochastic models in scientific applications in hydrology, atmospheric science, geophysics, environmental science, and hematology. peter at stat.washington.edu
Joy, Ruth - SMRU Canada Ltd Integrating marine ecology into space time models. Impact assessment.  rjoy at sfu.ca  
Loeppky, Jason University of British Columbia-Okanagan Design and analysis of experiments for both physical processes and computer based simulation models; applications include industrial statistics and problem in modern astrophysics. jason at stat.ubc.ca  
Nathoo, Farouk  University of Victoria Neuroimaging Statistics, Bayesian Methods, High-dimensional Data, Statistical Modeling and Computation nathoo at uvic.ca
Ranjan, Pritam Acadia University Computer experiments, Design of experiments, Combinatorial designs pritamr at iimidr.ac.in
Rosychuk, Rhonda Universtiy of Alberta Disease cluster detection, stochastic processes, large administrative databases rhonda.rosychuk at ualberta.ca
Spinelli, John
B.C. Cancer Agency
Biostatistics, epidemiology, goodness-of-fit jspinelli at bccrc.ca
Yan, Yuan Alberta School of Public Health biostatistical methods, statistical prediction , cancer epidemiology
health services research, functional data analysis
yyuan at ualberta.ca
Zwiers, Francis
University of Victoria
Statistical climatology, climate change detection, climate modeling, analysis of extremes fwzwiers at uvic.ca

Visiting Professor

Niemi, Jarod jniemi at sfu.ca n/a BDH
Meng, Xuejing  
xma25 at sfu.ca n/a K10564
Peiris, Shelton mpeiris at sfu.ca n/a K10561
Yang, Jingyu jya178 at sfu.ca n/a K10564