Co-op Student Profiles

Bobby Yu, Actuarial Science

Insurance provides security for everyone; it provides financial support in times of difficulty, such as when one suffers from an accident. I chose to study actuarial science because I wanted to have a better understanding of how insurance products are established. I find the investigation and study of risks very interesting, and am also attracted to the fact that this is a professional field, so I decided to pursue actuarial science as a major and I am currently in my fourth year in the actuarial science program. After taking a few actuarial science courses, I now understand that the field is far more than just calculating insurance premiums. It is also about risk management and how these risks affect insurance companies.

In the summer of 2009 I worked at Sun Life Financial HK as an actuarial intern in the Asset Risk Management department. During my work term, my main responsibilities were to manage and assemble data, such as interest rates and returns, and I also participated in developing an asset model. Through this work term, I learned more about an insurance company’s day to day operation, the different departments in an insurance company and more importantly how an actuary plays a vital role in an insurance company. I enjoyed my actuarial studies and am very glad to have had the opportunity to work at Sun Life Financial HK; it was my very first step towards my actuarial career.