2003-2004 Watson Wyatt Scholarship

Natalia Lysenko

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student of high merit. The student must have completed ACMA310 to be eligible.

Natalia Lysenko writes: "I came to Vancouver with my family almost three years ago. Shortly after that, I began studying at Langara College. It was then, just two weeks since the classes started, that I first heard about the actuarial profession and Actuarial Science program at SFU. After making some more enquiries about what the profession has to offer, I applied to SFU. While I was taking courses at the college and then university, studying for and writing SOA exams, coaching gymnastics and tutoring at the Langara Math Activity Centre, practicing for and entering ballroom dancing competitions, learning English and still adapting to Canadian culture, a quick two years have elapsed since my first day at Langara in January, 2002."

"Now, I am in the middle of the fourth year, completing a double major in Actuarial Science and Statistics. This term, I have been the TA for ACMA 320. Next semester, I will be working as a co-op student for SunLife Financial in Waterloo, Ontario, and then returning to finish my degree in the fall."

"I have always enjoyed being at school, learning new subjects and discovering the depth of ideas. My next destination may be a graduate school, or professional work, or a mix of both."