2002-2003 Watson Wyatt Scholarship

Kwang James Wong

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student of high merit. The student must have completed ACMA310 to be eligible.

James Wong writes: "The truth is, I was not born to think that my dream or my future career is going to be one within the field of actuarial consulting. I came from Hong Kong at the age of ten. My father being in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years, started up a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver. I was brought up in a typical Chinese family that supported the profession of medicine. Yet, even before entrance to university, I knew that I would not become a doctor. Despite the intuition, I did not want to disappoint my mother without a fair evaluation of the medicine profession. Therefore, I was enrolled in the UBC science programme. After a year of research and exploration in the field (including volunteering at hospitals), I have decided to quite my academic life at UBC and transferred to SFU."

"However late the decision is, I am very glad that I made the decision last year to enroll in the actuarial programme, and therefore quitting the career path as a medical doctor."

"I found passion in the actuarial science field, because the critical thinking and analyzing aspect of the subject seems more fascinating than the fields I have been in before. It is also this aspect of the field that led me to believe that the actuarial profession has more challenges ahead of me than in other professional fields."

"Since I am still 19, having passed the legal drinking age birthday less than half a year ago, I have not very well thought of a future plan yet. Possibly one of being an actuary engaged in the actuarial consulting profession, or engage in one of the academic institution of high reputation down across the border for a graduate degree."