2001-2002 Watson Wyatt Scholarship

Joseph Kwok

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student of high merit. The student must have completed ACMA310 to be eligible.

"I am a fourth year student, majoring in Actuarial Science and intending to minor in Economics as well. I came to Vancouver from Hong Kong in 1994. I attended Como Lake Junior High and Centennial School (both in Coquitlam) before coming to SFU. I have always enjoyed solving math problems. In high school, I participated in the math contests (Pascal, Cayley, Euclid, etc.). When I came to SFU, I was planning to pursue a joint honors in Mathematics and Computing Science. My plan changed after taking 2nd year linear algebra and analysis and found out that pure math is not my interest. So I began to look into the field of mathematics that is more applied. I started taking ACMA 310 and liked the course very much. I talked to Dr. Julia Wirch for advice more and decided to switch to the then newly established actuarial science program."

"I have passed SOA Exam 1 in November 2000 and Exam 2 in November 2001. I wrote Exam 3 in this May's seating and I am waiting for the results."

"As far as my statistics and actuarial science work experience goes, I have worked two terms at Watson Wyatt in 2001. I have done work in pension calculation and helped in the valuation of pension plans. I have also worked as a marker for ACMA 320 in the past Spring semester."

"I will be graduating after Fall 2002 semester. My immediate plan is to find a job in Vancouver and continue writing SOA exams to earn a professional designation (FSA - Fellows of the Socieity of Actuaries). I may return to school to pursue a Masters degree in Statistics or Actuarial Science after a few years of work. I am also interested in teaching as a sessional instructor in Actuarial Science, maybe after earning my professional designation."