Karey Shumansky


I had always enjoyed math in high school, but my favourite unit in high school math courses was the one on statistics, which was an indication of the direction my university studies would take. I had always thought about a career in the medical field, and when I was researching graduate studies at SFU, I found that it was possible to combine both fields by pursuing a career as a biostatistician.

I was fortunate to have had a graduate supervisor who was a senior biostatistician at the BC Cancer Agency and this helped introduce me to the medical research side of statistics. After graduating with my MSc. at SFU I decided to focus on analysis of genetic data and I am currently the lead statistician on a study that is seeking a link between common genetic mutations and dyslexia. Using my background in statistics, I am able to contribute to the research of dyslexia which could lead to early detection of the disorder and an increase the quality of life for people with the disorder.