Darcy Pickard

Senior Statistician at ESSA Technologies Ltd.

I have always loved the outdoors, especially learning about animal behaviour and the interactions of plants and animals. Because of this, I see myself as someone who can help bridge the gap between biologists and statisticians. I believe it is important to understand how data is collected and I make it a priority to get out in the field and get my hands dirty. As a statistician with an environmental consulting company I work with scientists from many different backgrounds: government, First Nations, research institutes, and non-profit organizations, to improve their designs for environmental research and monitoring. Environmental studies present many unique and interesting problems, not the least of which is that they must often deal with very limited data. I have helped develop experimental designs and sampling programs for a range of animals including frogs, snakes, birds, and fish

A project of particular interest for me has been the design of an integrated monitoring program to evaluate the success of large scale restoration efforts on Northern California's Trinity River. I often use simulation modeling to help natural resource managers understand the impact of alternative management decisions. I also provide analytical services, statistical advice or review to various clients. My projects often involve collaboration with researchers from other institutions, such as: Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station.

I have been working as a Senior Statistician for ESSA Technologies Ltd. since I finished my Master of Science in statistics from Simon Fraser University in 2006.