Jinhee Lim

Game Analytics Specialist at DeNA Studios Canada 

After graduation from my M.Sc. in Statistics, I have been working as a Game Analytics Specialist at DeNA Studios Canada since December 2012. The company is one of the subsidiaries of DeNA Co. which is a global leader in mobile social games, e-commerce, and other web services with locations across 10 countries and regions. My main responsibility is to implement and apply statistical data analysis on gamers' behaviours to develop business recommendations. My day to day job consists of working with Hadoop, writing queries using HiveQL, analyzing the data and generating recommendations based on my analysis. I also work with Perl and shell scripting to automate many of my tasks.

Previously, through SFU, I was able to land a coop job at EA as a FIFA Business Analyst. I coordinated with a database analyst to acquire the data I needed then used SAS and Tableau to generate reports for the Product Managers and other stakeholders. Using these reports, they were able to guide the products in the right direction.

I believe that receiving both my Bachelor and Master of Statistics from SFU has prepared me well in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how. This has provided me with multiple jobs and allowed me to transition into full-time work with ease.