Benny Tung

Senior Analyst, Strategic Analytics, Exchange Solutions Inc. 

I discovered my passion for statistics during my undergraduate studies in Economics at SFU when I started wondering how those supply and demand curves were derived. 

Upon graduating from SFU with a B.A. in Economics and then a B.Sc. in Statistics, I relocated to Toronto to begin my career in Big Data’ as an Analytic Consulting Specialist with Epsilon, sister company to LoyaltyOne (AirMiles).   While at Epsilon, I built predictive models used for target-marketing initiatives for industries ranging from financial services to publishing. I then found my way to the advertising side of marketing with Wunderman/ KBM Group as a Senior Marketing Analyst where I provided statistics expertise for Ford Canada, Bombardier Recreational Products, and Microsoft Xbox.  Notable projects included the launch of the Xbox One console as well as the game Titanfall where I provided analytic strategy, A/B testing, and post-campaign analysis.

Currently I am Senior Analyst with the Strategic Analytics group at Exchange Solutions Inc. where I lead the analytics effort for Esso Canada (ExxonMobil).  Using the extensive amounts of data available, my team is tasked with evolving the Esso Extra and Esso Extra Privileges program employing techniques such as CHAID, logistic regression and multiple regression

My learnings from SFU Statistics are used daily in this profession, particularly programming ability with SAS and, most importantly, the ability to explain statistical concepts to non-statistical professionals.  This latter skill, which I developed and refined at SFU, has been the deciding factor in the progression of my career.

The best advice I have for new graduates is always to persevere.  There will be times where it’s a struggle to understand the data. Or simply where you’re missing a semi-colon (SAS joke).  Statistics is like a hot dog; the finished product is delicious…you just don’t want to see how it’s made.