Elizabeth Juarez Colunga

      Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Informatics at the University of Colorado Denver.  I am closely affiliated with the Colorado Health Outcomes Research Program (COHO), an interdisciplinary research center that focuses on implementing and evaluating interventions to improve public health and the overall quality of health care in the US.

My responsibilities in the department include teaching graduate students, mentoring a wide variety of students and developing my own research in recurrent event studies.  In COHO, I collaborate with health researchers in many different areas such as dermatology, nursing, pediatrics, dentistry, internal medicine, and psychiatry among others.  As a statistician collaborating with health scientists, I work jointly with the investigative team from the beginning of the project on study design, sample size and through to the analysis and publication of results.  This collaboration with COHO allows me to apply the tools learned, and enriches my research program as it identifies needs related to the development of statistical methods for challenging problems.

Another aspect of my position that I enjoy very much is that it allows me to be involved in mentoring opportunities as both a mentor and a mentee. These include the Biostatistics Faculty Mentoring Group (mentee) and the Clinical Faculty Scholars Program (mentor and mentee).