Alisha Albert-Green

Biostatistician at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto

I have been working as a Biostatistician at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), a cancer hospital in Toronto, Ontario, since June 2011.  PMH employs a small group of Biostatisticians that act as consultants on the statistical aspects of research carried out by oncologists at the hospital. We work closely with doctors on all aspects of their research projects, including assisting with research design and protocol development in clinical trials, advising on data collection and statistical analysis. We also write reports for the doctors and assist in preparing manuscripts for publication. Most of our projects include time to event, longitudinal or quality of life analyses.

As a group, we work on projects for all types of cancer, including breast, lung, lymphoma, prostate and head and neck. We are also involved in the drug development program, which is a program aimed at developing anti-cancer agents. Currently, genetic-based studies are becoming increasingly prominent as doctors strive towards tailoring patients' treatment to their genetic makeup.
I enjoy developing productive working relationships with the oncologists at PMH, learning about cancer and teaching the oncologists about the statistical tools we use to analyze their data.


* Alisha recently graduated with an M.Sc. in Statistics.