Students Win Competitions at SSC Annual Meeting

June 23, 2017

Four students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science won student presentation competitions at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada or at the affiliated Canadian Statistics Student Conference.  

At the main conference, Lidan (Lucy) Zhang won the Actuarial Science Student Research Presentation Award competition for her talk, "A Multi-State Model for a Life Insurance Product with Integrated Health Rewards Program".  Lucy's accomplishment is even more impressive when one considers that she was the only Master's student competing against a group of talented PhD students.   Lucy is supervised by Yi Lu. 

Nate Sandholtz won one of two Best Papers of the SSC Student Conference Awards. His talk was, "Replaying the NBA: Using Markov decision processes to test decision-making from the 2015-2016 regular season," supervised by Luke Bornn.

Steven Wu and Jacob Mortenson each won one of the two Best Posters of the SSC Student Conference Awards.  Steven's poster was, "Automatically Correcting Play-by-play Substitution Errors in Basketball," supervised by Tim Swartz.  Jacob' poster was, "From Markov Models to Poisson Point Processes: Understanding Player Movement in the NBA," supervised by Luke Bornn.

The department is extremely proud of these students, and of all the students who presented their research work or case study at the conference.