Recent Undergraduate Research Conference on Statistical Theory


This year's STAT450 Class organized an Undergraduate Research Conference on Statistical Theory, held at SFU from Nov 19-30, 2010. Everyone was welcome, including other students (undergrad and graduate) and faculty. We heard about a broad range of topics related to statistical theory (STAT450), all chosen by the presenters based on their own interest.

In the words of one attendee: "I think I speak for all the audience by saying that the presentations highlighted the diverse talents of this energetic group as well as the diversity of statistical theory." Here are some pictures from the event:

Titles and speakers were:

Score tests: Sofia Xiaomeng Wang, Yvette Chuhua Chen, Tracy Wicaksana
Expectation-Maximization Algorithm: Sylvia Xu, Clare Zhang, Qianyu Wang
The Likelihood Principle: Kasra Yousefi, StudentX (name/photos with-held by request)
Sufficient Statistics: Raymond Wong, Zhuang Huibing, Haishan Tan
Method of Moments: Jiayang (Catherine) Li, Xinyu (Simon) Wang
Large Sample Tests and Comparison: Insoo Rhee, Hyomin Kim, Weixi Li
Bootstrap Estimate of the Distribution of Wait Times: Nathan Nastilli, Benny Tung
Central Limit Theorem: Botao Han, Da Zhong (Dexen) Xi, Lawrence Huen
Bootstrapping Approaches to Interval Estimation: Ronghui Ren, Jiaying Weng, Weixi Liu
Interval Estimation in Finite Samples: Steven Li, Li-Cheng (Eric) Shen, Aathira Santhosh
Robust Estimators: Bryan Lee, Gaoyong Zhang

The class outlook can be summed up by the following quote: "Intimacy trumps skill. For similar reasons, I sing ... to my children ... not because I can do a better job than Placido Domingo or Lyle Lovett, but because those talented gentlemen do not love my children as I do. There are times, in other words, when doing things ... with and for one another beats having them done well on our behalf..." - Clay Shirky