SFU at SSC 2017

Carl Schwarz awarded SSC Impact Award  

Carl Schwarz was awarded the 2017 Statistical Society of Canada Award for Impact of Applied and Collaborative Work.  The citation for the award reads: "To Carl Schwarz, for world renowned expertise in the field of ecological statistics; for work that has broadly impacted methods for monitoring and managing threatened animal populations; for founding and championing the Statistical Society of Canada‚Äôs professional accreditation program; and for dedicated and exceptional teaching with a focus on real world applications of statistics."  

See here for the SSC's story on Carl.

Larry Weldon awarded the SSC Distinguished Service Award.  

Larry Weldon, retired faculty member, was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Service Award.  The citation reads, "To K. Laurence Weldon, for exemplary service as Editor of the SSC newsletter Liaison; for his leadership over a decade in enhancing Liaison to a world class standard; for his endless attention to all aspects of publishing the newsletter; for his early and ongoing efforts to promote reform in statistical education; and for his effective service as a Canadian representative to the international statistical education community."  

See here for the SSC's story on Larry.