Three faculty members from the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science were recently elected or appointed to serve in key roles in the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC).  

Dave Campbell will serve as the new SSC Public Relations Officer, overseeing a committee which "should monitor public debate on issues with important statistical implications, advise the Board through the President of public matters to which SSC should respond or contribute, and coordinate and implement actions on public issues recommended by the Board, including the preparations of news releases and position papers, the drafting of correspondence with newspaper editors, etc.", and that, "in addition to promoting SSC, the Committee should assume responsibility for promoting statistical education and the statistical profession in Canada." 

Yi Lu is the President-Elect for the Actuarial Science Section, and Richard Lockhart is the President-Elect for the Probability Section.  In their roles, they will arrange workshops and invited sessions at the SSC Annual Meeting, serve as their respective sections' representatives to the SSC Board of Directors, and set the agenda for their sections' activities in their year of presidency.  

The department is proud of its members' commitment to the Statistics and Actuarial Science professions and applauds Dave, Yi, and Richard for their willingness to serve the society.