Boxin Tang elected as ASA Fellow

October 15, 2018

Statistics Professor Boxin Tang has been elected as Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA).

The citation for the honor reads:

For outstanding research contributions to the theory and practice of experimental design and computer experiments; for exemplary editorial and other service to the statistical profession.”

Boxin has made many innovative contributions to the theory and practice of fractional factorial designs. Significant papers include those on the construction of minimum aberration designs by developing a complementary design theory and the study of supersaturated designs by finding the first lower bound on the E(s^2) criterion. The most influential in the area of factorial designs is his work on the theory of J-characteristics and generalized resolution and aberration criteria for non-regular fractional factorial designs.

Computer experiments call for space-filling designs. Boxin has significantly contributed to the theory and practice of space-filling designs. These include constructions of OA-based Latin hypercube designs, nested space-filling designs, orthogonal Latin hypercubes, and strong orthogonal arrays. The OA-based Latin hypercubes invented in his 1993 JASA paper have found applications in diverse areas of science and engineering. The paper has had more than 700 citations. 

Boxin’s editorial service is exemplary. He has been serving as an Associate Editor for the Annals of Statistics, Bernoulli Journal, Statistica Sinica, and Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice. Over the years, he has served the statistical profession in his capacities as Secretary for the SSC Ottawa Chapter and Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-Presient for the ASA Western Tennessee Chapter, and the President for the SSC Business and Industrial Statistics Section. He organized the 2009 ASA/IMS Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and Technology.