What is a Base Unit?

TA / TM assignments

At SFU, Teaching Assistant appointments are given in increments called “base units”. One base unit currently represents 42 hours of work over about 16 weeks of a semester and final exam period. Except for TA appointments which only consist of marking, each TA appointment also includes a special “preparation base unit”, worth up to 1.17 base units, to pay the TA for the time it takes to prepare for his/her duties in teaching students. Statistics workshop has different preparation time. On average, a first time TA appointment would be for 5.17 based units (1.17 preparation base units, 4.0 base units for course duties) for a total of 210 hours of work for the semester, or about 16 hours per week, including about three hours of preparation. Please note that most of our TUTORIAL course TA assignments are for less than 5.17 base units and that most first time TA’s are assigned to our workshop.