Teaching Assistant Appointments

Please refer to the documents under the Teaching Assistant & Sessional Instuctor Payroll Appointments title containing information related to Teaching Assistant assignments in our department.

TAs receive a total of 8.5 payments for the semester. The salary information can be accessed through MyInfo at https://myinfo.sfu.ca/.

Appointees' signatures are not required for Payroll appointments.

The following are significant steps related to TA appointments:

  •  Time Use Guidelines (TUG) - are to be completed in consultation with the instructor for the course/Workshop during the first week of classes.
  •  Workload Review – to be conducted by the course instructor after week 5 – usually after the first major marking event. Workload Reviews are mandatory for all TAs. 
  •  TA Evaluation by the Instructor – See a sample of the form that the instructor completes at the end of the term. 

TAs who want to apply for health benefits should go, with a copy of the appointment form to Human Resources in Strand Hall. This applies to all TAs except those who have not had a break in their TA appointments (their application for benefits will be charried forward).

Copies of the SFU/TSSU Collective Agreement are available to you in our Copy Room and online.

Completed Payroll paperwork  is to be submitted to Jay Young-Temp (Kelly Jay on leave) (copied on this message: stat_grad_sec@sfu.ca) at the TAs' earliest convenience. Appointments can not be processed without all required documents.