Graduate Studies in Statistics and Actuarial Science

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor's degree with major or honors in Statistics. Students with degrees in Mathematics or other areas with a strong quantitative background and advanced coursework for undergraduate majors/honors in Statistics and Actuarial Science will also be considered. Students normally begin with the third semester of the year (September-December). Applicants whose first language is not English are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Please Note: We do not require students to find a supervisor before applying for a MSc or PhD program. If you are admitted, you will be assigned a supervisor. Student-supervisor pairings can be rearranged later by mutual agreement and with the approval of the graduate committee.

Graduate Programs

Simon Fraser University offers both a Masters and Doctoral program in Statistics and a Masters program in Actuarial Science. The Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science consists of about 19 full time faculty members, a full time Statistical Consultant, and about 65 graduate students.

The Masters program is designed to give a broad grounding in several areas of Statistics with a particular emphasis on theory and applications. Students normally complete 30 semester hours of course work including two semesters participating in the Statistical Consulting Service. In addition, a project based on a practical problem involving statistical analysis must be defended. The Department also offers co-operative work experiences for M.Sc. students.

The Doctoral program is designed to allow a student to specialize in a particular area of Statistics. Students normally complete 30 semester hours of course work beyond a Bachelor's degree (credit may be given for courses taken for the M.Sc). They are also required to pass a Comprehensive Examination and are required to defend a thesis which will embody a significant contribution to statistical knowledge.

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